Account Access

Most clients will use the Investor360°® button to access detailed account information and their monthly consolidated statements online. You can also view the Investor360° user guide for more information.

View a demo

Watch this short video to learn how Investor360° delivers easy online access to your complete financial life.

Go Paperless: See your statements and confirmations online in Investor360°.




The Wealthscape Investor℠  button is for clients who would like Quicken and Microsoft Money download compatibility. Please note that this requires a separate username and password for those clients using INVESTOR360°. 




Financial Planning Access
The MoneyGuideProTM button will take you to the log-in page for your financial planning analysis. This link is for use by our Planning Clients only. If you would like to become a Financial Planning Client, please contact Jay Douglas or Ted Athans at (800) 833-1446.

As a reminder, this site will allow you to "play with" your financial data and assumptions. Any changes you make will update our financial worksheets and analysis. Please note that any changes that you make can be amended later.
Please contact us if:

  1. You have made modifications that you feel are deserving of review and archiving, or
  2. You are not pleased with the changes and want to return to the original analysis data

Account Access Request Form

If you are interested in online account access, please submit your name so that we can contact you.

Account Access Request Form


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