We are a service-focused and financial goal-focused firm. We understand that you are saving and investing for a reason, and our job as your financial planners is to make sure we focus on those financial goals. This is usually done via a multi-step process:

  • Financial goal setting, analysis, and recommendations. Common financial goals for our clients are:

    – Retirement goal planning, including preparing for retirement and income planning

    – Advice on workplace retirement plans (401(k)s, pensions, 403(b)s, etc.)

    – Social Security and Medicare planning

    – Education funding for private K through 12 or college

    – Saving for a large purchase, such as a second home, rental property, or a business

    – Cash reserve planning

    – Tax planning strategies and estate planning concerns

  • Independent, sophisticated, and objective investment portfolio management. Our techniques focus on risk control, cost control, and the consistent performance of investments. All three factors contribute to the total return for our clients' portfolios. And while we perform complex portfolio construction, we also see to it that our clients are not burdened by the process. We keep the process as turnkey as possible for our clients.

  • Risk management strategies and insurance recommendations. This includes advice on the proper coverage for life, disability, long-term care, or health insurance*.

  • Ongoing monitoring and reviewing of financial goals, investments, and insurance through regular appointments or conference calls.

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*Fixed Insurance products and services offered through WealthSpring or CES Insurance Agency.