Our Process

We provide our clients with advocacy and service from plan concept to implementation.

Plan Design

The foundation for an effective retirement plan starts with a solid plan design strategy. Plan design covers everything from investments to record-keeping to compliance and communication. We strive to make sure that a design framework exists to avoid any unnecessary difficulties later.

We are often asked to review existing plans managed by other firms; unfortunately, we have run across issues that could have been easily avoided with proper plan design. WealthSpring have staff dedicated entirely to qualified plan design and service. Our expertise can produce maximum satisfaction for provider and participant alike.

Vendor Evaluation

We employ an independent and proactive approach to help clients manage fees, maximize vendor services, and provide suitable investment choices. To do this we stay on the cutting edge of the retirement plan industry. We utilize our own competitive analysis, independent third party vendor research companies, and go straight to the source by meeting with vendors directly.

If you already have a vendor, then we can quickly and easily validate your decision to remain with them, or present you with reasons why it may be in your best interest to make changes. We provide comprehensive plan conversion assistance if you ultimately decide to change retirement plan vendors.

Investment Analysis and Documentation of Investment Policy Statement

Clients are able to leverage the power of the entire WealthSpring Team during the investment selection process. Our Investment Committee provides you with a comprehensive approach to investment selection. Key features include:

  • Investment Analysis – evaluate investments using an in-depth quantitative and qualitative approach
  • Rank Investment Funds – objectively without any pressure
  • Asset Allocation Assessment– provides diversification opportunities for participants
  • Investment Policy Statements – to help plan sponsor meet fiduciary duties
  • Quarterly Market Summaries and Updates
  • Online Report Access

Development of an Employee Communication Strategy

Employers have an enormous responsibility to keep their employees informed. We help companies develop an Employee Communication Strategy that:

  • Helps the employer meet certain 404(c) requirements
  • Increases employee participation
  • Helps employees understand the benefits and value of the retirement plan
  • Promotes appropriate investment diversification
  • Increases employee elective deferrals
  • Lowers company exposure to fiduciary liability and participant litigation
  • Offers participants ongoing education about retirement planning

Enrollment Meetings

A plan cannot be truly successful without employee participation. Enrollment meetings provide a valuable opportunity to increase participation by highlighting the plan benefits directly to the employees. We will focus on this effort by coordinating and conducting the enrollment meetings and, if appropriate, secure the involvement of your service provider.

Fiduciary Compliance


A very large number of employers are not aware of the extent of their fiduciary responsibilities under the law. We help keep our clients aware of their obligations and notify them of changes to the Department of Labor, IRS and other applicable regulatory groups. We also provide ERISA 404(a), 404(c) and other compliance-related services.

Ongoing Plan Service

Our service does not end once your retirement plan is up and running. Our dedicated team remains involved on a continual basis. Some ongoing services include:

  • Reenrollment Meetings Annually
  • Annual Plan Review
  • Quarterly Performance Update
  • Review of Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitoring the Plan Vendor and Provide Suggestions as Necessary
  • Communicating Latest Industry Trends to Plan Sponsor
  • Support and Troubleshooting

On-Site Investment Seminars and One-on-One Financial Planning

Our clients desire to improve employee retention, satisfaction, and peace of mind. To that end, we offer access to qualified licensed professionals who provide private personal financial advice. Some areas that can be addressed in a review are:

  • Family Financial Protection
  • Retirement Investments
  • Non-Retirement Investments
  • College Planning
  • Income Tax Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan Rollovers
  • Asset Allocation Ideas

Client Feedback

We are always looking for ways to improve our service. We will always seek client feedback on all aspects of our service through written evaluation forms and interviews. We are always eager to implement changes from what we have learned.